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Sunday, March 25, 2012

1/72 WWII Japanese Army

This is the Japanese army I am building to fight in the China Theater. It has been more than three years since I have worked on them and I do need to sort them out properly with darker washes, detail painting and finished bases.

25mm-28mm Middle Eastern Village

Hovels' sturdy resin buildings that work well for 25mm-20mm.

The bridge is from their ACW range painted to fit in here.

1/72 Medieval Russian Cavalry

The assembly plant (yes, I tried "the dip" for the first time on these fellas):

28mm NWF Ghurka Rifles

These are Foundry figures from their Northwest Frontier range. I am painting half in khaki and half in the dark green for rifles.

These have been sitting around for three years and are still not quite finished! Meanwhile, I managed to acquire even more of these lovely figures (not in picture) that I will need to prime and paint.

I know that rifles regiments normally didn't carry flags into battle but I won't be able to resist putting the Ghurka regimental flag into the already-drilled hands of one of these figures.

25mm Medieval Buildings

I have no conceivable use for these buildings but the models are just too good to pass up. The half-timbered ones are not quite finished yet.

28mm NWF Afghan Tribesmen

These are the excellent Foundry figures from their Northwest Frontier range. I have been sitting on this project for some years now and am pleased that I am finally making some progress.

On my workbench I have about 300 of these figures waiting for my attention. Almost everyone has had some paint put on them but the ones shown are the furthest along at the moment.

The figures will be painted as generic "Afghan" warriors who can stand in for Pathans, Afridis and the like as the case may be.

The pictures were taken with my mobile phone so are not the best quality.

Pirate Cannons from Minimi Miniatures

These are very useful one-piece resin castings of "Pirate Cannons" (yes, there is a tiny skull on the gun barrel) from Lewis Davis at Minimi. I cleaned up and painted them in less than 15 mins from start to finish. I have placed a 1/76-1/72 converted Thai figure next to them for scale. 

These cannons will be used for the 16-17th century Siamese army (1/72) that I have just started to build. I also have Minimi's "Dragon Cannons" which I will paint up in the same way soon.