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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1/72 Italeri Church - wip

I finally decided to purchase this fine church model despite already having several churches in my collection. Once I received it in the post over the weekend, I had to start on it even though there are many other projects ahead of it in my work queue. This is the state of progress on Day 2.

The most time-consuming task has been filling and re-scribing the cornerstones after joining the walls together. I have only done this so far for the bell tower and the smaller side structure. The main walls have not yet been glued together as I plan to add some "printed" frescoes and the like to the interior walls first.  I have also added some windows and steel bars to some of the window apertures (they are hard to make out in the photos).

I am rather unhappy with how the "slate roofs" that come with the model look. The individual slates are impossibly large in size and the overall effect is less than convincing to my eyes. I plan to replace the roofing material with a sheet of HO scale Spanish tiles that I just ordered from

Not much by way of progress... still waiting for the roof tiles to come. Just better pictures since I took these with a proper camera rather than a phone.