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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indian maiden guard figures compared

As I begin to build my Siamese army, I wonder whether I should not also think about a Khmer army (of an earlier period) as well. If I do go ahead I might just paint up Newline Designs and HäT Indian figures as Khmers. The Khmers had a maiden guard and I wonder whether I can use the Indian ones... perhaps with head swaps?

HäT 1/72 (left) and Newline Designs 20mm (center and right):

Siamese Elephants... just getting started

The HäT 1/72 elephants arrived in the mail today. I have 9 total now but I think I will only turn 3 into Siamese war elephants.

I slightly bent the trunks, tusks and tails in hot water and fixed the new shapes with an ice-bath. I drilled the heads and torsos and connected them with thick copper rods instead of the molded pegs. This allowed me to position the heads in a way that is more pleasing to my eyes at least. After some more trimming and applying putty, they are now ready to receive the crew and superstructure. Well, it's a start anyway...