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Monday, March 9, 2009

20mm KNIL (Dutch East Indies) Force, WIP

Some of my converted KNIL figures.... they still need shading and detail painting. These are mainly SHQ 20mm Dutch and Romanian figures. I added neck flaps with putty and/or foil on some of them.

I also have some vehicles for them. The excellent tractor and guns were mastered by David Reasoner are available from Moonlight Miniatures. The Vickers tanks are SHQ 20mm.

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  1. Hi

    Which range are your figurines?

  2. Sorry for the late response. The figures are mostly 20mm SHQ Miniatures Dutch and Romanians. I have changed the heads on many of them and added neck flaps with putty.

  3. Thanks Richard.
    Aswe say in Spain, "Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena", roughly: never is late if there is happiness.

  4. Bytheway, have you seen my blog?