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Sunday, April 29, 2012

1/72 Italeri Church - wip Part 2: The Roof

(please scroll down for progress report)

I received my Plastruct HO-scale Spanish roof tiles (PS-122) yesterday. Huzzah!

I wanted to dry fit them on the Italeri church, side by side with some of the original slate roofing, so I can see whether they give the right look. You can see some comparison shots below.

The Plastruct sheet is not wide enough to to cover the entire main roof. But the apparent joints on the photos will disappear once the sheets are glued down and painted.  I am still undecided as to whether I should extend the roof tiles to cover the bottom where Italeri has moulded in roof gutters (but not down spouts).

Finally, I invited an expert to check out my new roof. She gave it a good sniff and seemed to approve of the change.

I may put these same Plastruct sheets on my Shell Hole Scenics church as well.  I think they look good but it is rather maddening since I spent an hour plus earlier cleaning up resin bubbles and pinholes just on the roof piece!

Just to please Ray who has been skeptical of my fussing over the roof, I made new ones using cellular foamboard, to which I added internal supports, so that I can put the tile sheets on them without using up the original parts. I can now save the slate rooftop as an alternative and have two different looks for the church!

Progress so far....


  1. They look good, but I have my doubts if it's correct by the building style of the church.

    But who am I to discuss with such a cute expert :-D

    PS: Richard you need an avatar. It makes you recognizeble on other blogs.


  2. Thanks Peter. I am still trying to determine the architectural style of the church model. Do you know what style it is supposed to represent?

    To my somewhat untrained eyes it looks northern Italian. If this is even partially true a terracotta-tiled roof should be appropriate. Alternatively, I can source smaller slate-tiled sheets. I may even have one in my stash somewhere already.

    Cheers, Richard

  3. Interesting what you do with the roof, cant wait to see it finished!

    Greetings Remco

  4. I still like the grey roof, but what the hell do I know!!!

  5. New roof is far better, IMHO but there are tiles on the frontage that do not match up which might make it look odd

  6. I saw a similar Italeri church at a nearby hobby shop, and I noticed that the roof on your church is brighter and redder than the one that I saw. It's good that you personalized the roof color and the material, as the Spanish tiles replica really feels like an 18th century church. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished artwork including its inside portion.