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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

25mm or 1/72 Three-Arch Stone Bridge

Made by Hudson & Allen, this sizable bridge model is 20 inches long. It is nicely cast in foam resin. I had to hollow out the foam resin from underneath the arches but otherwise the model comes in one piece and is already ready for primer and paint.

I sprayed a grey automotive primer on first. Then I dry-brushed the cobblestones in dark grey, the stones in mud and light grey, and painted the area under the arches in green black. The whole painting process took about 15 mins, which is as close to instant gratification as I can ever hope for. I may still want to seal with a matte varnish and then weather/wash with some oils. If I am truly ambitious, I will even paint in variegated stone colors as well (I may experiment with using oil washes for this).

The two tallish 1/72 figures in the picture show just how large and long the bridge is. It will certainly work for larger (28mm) figures as well.

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