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Monday, March 26, 2012

20mm Monte Cassino Ruins

Between Jan and mid-May, 1944, German forces and Allied armies that included Americans, British, Poles, and the Free French fought several desperate battles along the German "Gustav Line." In the process, the famous monastery established by St. Benedict on Monte Cassino and the town of Cassino below were completely destroyed. Cassino itself became a byword for wanton destruction.

Cassino Town Ruins

One-piece resin foam casting of Cassino town ruin from Monday Knights Productions (they call it Village Ruins), which is reissuing terrain models that used to be produced by Scenic Effects. Footprint 15" x 23". The third picture below shows two of these terrain pieces set side by side.

Monte Cassino Monastery Ruins

One-piece resin foam casting of Monte Cassino Monastery ruin from Monday Knights Productions (they call it Town Ruins). Footprint 15" x 23". In both size and physical configuration, the terrain piece fails to represent the actual Monte Cassino monastery in my view. But as a representative "ruin" it looks rather nice once painted up.

I couldn't resist making some modifications to the fa├žades to give them more definition. The "real colour" is a bit warmer than it appears in these photos and somewhat matches that of the Cassino town ruins shown above.

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