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Monday, March 26, 2012

Siamese Army (16-17th centuries)

King Naresuan monument, Thailand

I have begun bulding a 1/72 Ayutthaya (Siamese) army for the wars with Burma (Tounghoo Dynasty) in the 16th to 17th century. Naturally this means converting existing lines and finding easy ones to do at that since I will need to make lots.

Below are my first jabs at making basic infantry. Most of the originals (in dark tan plastic) come from the 1/72 HäT Miniatures set of Sea Peoples; the only exception (in blue plastic) is from the Caesar Miniatures Sea Peoples set. HäT's Sea Peoples are not the best sculpts to begin with but are rather versatile and easy to convert. But they are also bigger and taller than the Caesar figures, which have the advantage of finer details and proportions, so I will have to deploy the converted minis in their separate respective units.

I added some leather helmets (see next post for how I made them) and will rely on painting to achieve the rest of the desired results.

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  1. You're working on a great project Richard. Looking forward to the progress!