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Saturday, May 12, 2012

1/72 Churches WIP - yet further updates

1/72 Italeri Church ... the 2 bell tower roofs (terracotta vs. slate) compared. The one on Right is made from original kit parts and that on Left is what I scratched built with balsa, plastic roof tiles sheets, epoxy putty and plastic miniature bells. 

I may have to build another new roof along the same lines since the current one was made in haste and is therefore somewhat shoddy (edges not quite square). 

Below are the two mounted on the bell tower.  I didn't think the original roof has enough pitch and think that the new one is a little better on that score at least.

Italeri Church: alternate roof made from mounting card.  Version Mk. I that I made with celluloid foamcore was far too thick, which makes the side roof very difficult to fit on. The thick card one is just right thickness-wise and once I have stabilized the warpage I will mount the plastic roof tiles sheets on.

Mediterranean Church Progress ( photo colors are more vivid than in real life):
1. Started work on the tower.
2. Scratched another gallery using foamcore, tamiya masking tape and toothpicks, as the resin original is somewhat lacking.
3. Started painting on the one-piece terrain base and church crypt/basement. The painting on the basement/crypt may be a little too cartoonish now.

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  1. looks good. very good scratchbuilt roof. and I like the look of the mediterranean church.