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Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIP 1/72 churches - updates and interior shots

Here are some further shots of the Italeri church and the SHS Mediterranean church. You can see the various parts that make up the SHS church and the interior of the Italeri church in its current state.

One thing I should probably say is that while the SHS church is looking quite nice now it's a bit of a horror in terms of clean up and preparation. The resin of the model I have is filled with bubbles and pinholes; it is also quite brittle and already broken off in some places. I have had to use styrene bits to reconstitute some of the windows, for instance.

Next I will try to deck out the SHS church with icons and frescoes and generally make the interior look pretty.

I also threw in a picture of all the small ruined pieces together.

Sorry for being such a crappy photographer. I am lucky to have a very nice Nikon Digital SLR but still can't take photos that are worth anything! :-(


  1. Wow you're really doing everything, even the interior! Great work Richard!


  2. man, so much details, perfect work!

    greetings Remco