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Friday, May 4, 2012

20mm Mediterranean Church WIP

Working on the Italeri church model has inspired me to to start on painting other church models that I have collected over the years.  Here is the current progress on my 20mm Shell Hole Scenics Mediterranean church.

The resin model consists of:
- a large base representing the church's foundation walls and an underground crypt, an exterior stone wall and lots and lots of stairs
- the main church structure (this can be used alone or with the base and tower)
- 3 roof pieces
- a tower in 2 pieces
- some interior bits representing a balcony and pulpit.

The tower still needs lots of work. I am considering adding a section to the middle to raise the tower's overall height. With the pictured addition, the SHS tower will be just as tall as the Italeri church bell tower.


  1. looks very interesting. perhaps you could show us the interior. please

  2. Looking at this church, I think you're also right with the Italeri one.
    Very nice model though!